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Luxury Vacations to Paris

Of all the phenomenal places I have traveled, Paris, France may be my favorite. Since living in Avignon, I have been to Paris more than a dozen times; the more I visit, the more it feels like home, and every luxury vacation package to Paris that I plan feels like a reunion! Luxury Vacations to Paris include some of the most elegant boutique hotels in the heart of the city of lights, where you lounge in contemporary reflections of Art Deco or “Belle Epoque” or step outside your room to the lavish splendor of Opera Gernier. No matter your preference, the taste of exquisite French style will form the foundation to your carefully constructed vacation packages in Paris. Even more than the breathtaking sights and stylized venues, the heart of Paris is the food of a lifetime. Paris Luxury encompasses the most delectable morsels with unique and striking venues to create an ambiance impossible to recreate anywhere else. Imagine the grand dining room of Le Meurice, where marble lines the walls behind glowing crystal and elegant lace. You sit, order the recommendation of a brilliant sommelier, and sip, waiting to taste an incarnation of the luxury vacations to Paris have to offer. With every sip of wine and bite of decadent cuisine, you will feel as if the world of luxury has opened to you, and Paris is the gate. The charming Arrondissements of Paris ensure that no day of your vacation will be without marvel — from the Louvre to the Pantheon, each section of city opens new avenues to unforgettable art, architecture, and memories. If you have...