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Five Items You Can’t Forget to Pack

Adding these five items to your usual packing list could save you time, money and headaches on your next vacation. Toothbrush, bathing suit, camera, and beach reading have all been stowed in your luggage. But did you remember the duct tape? That’s right: Duct tape can save you a world of hassle on your next trip. Take a minute to review these five items you can’t forget to pack. Duct Tape Saves the Day Bring along a small roll of duct tape. It takes very little space, but can serve many purposes for travelers. Use it to patch a hole in your shoes, windbreaker, or your favorite beach bag. Traveling with a baby or toddler? Baby-proof your hotel room by taping drawers shut and covering outlets. Use it to hem a pair of pants and turn them into capris. You can even use duct tape as a bandage by placing it over a cut in an emergency. USB Battery Charger for Your Phone and Tablet One of the most crucial items you can pack is a USB battery charger with a short USB cord. Again, it takes very little space, but could mean the difference between getting lost somewhere with a dead phone and no GPS, or pulling up an email with your hotel’s address, phone number and directions. I use my smartphone regularly for photos, maps, texting, and calls when traveling, so I always keep a charged USB battery pack in my purse or backpack to help out when my battery dies. Use it in the car, on a bus, while waiting at the airport, or even on...