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Is a Tahiti Vacation Right for Me?

Tahiti is a truly special place: Yes, it is an island paradise, but it is also a fascinating cultural enclave; a treasure-trove of some of the most resplendent dive-sites that beckon even the world’s most seasoned divers; an escape from the hectic pace of everyday life. More than 30 years in the travel industry have made it clear to me that a given destination is not the right match for EVERY traveler. Each location has its own character that, when coupled with a particular visitor, can either make or break a vacation experience. This is why it is so crucial for me to learn about my clients’ personalities and travel preferences BEFORE we begin planning their dream holidays. If you’re considering a Tahiti get-away, then before you commit, ask yourself, “Is a Tahiti vacation right for me?” OR if you’d be better off visiting a different destination. 1) Which statement best describes you? A) I dream of waking early in the morning with a full schedule of daily sightseeing all the iconic architecture in some of the world’s most famous cities such as Rome, London or Madrid. B) I prefer to visit locations that are off the beaten path with incredible, stunning, natural beauty and interesting culture. A couple snorkeling in the pristine waters of a Tahitian island. 2) If you close your eyes to picture your dream vacation, which of the following descriptions most closely matches what you see? A) I picture myself filling every moment of my hard-earned vacation visiting the attractions of famous cities round the globe. B) I imagine myself snorkeling in crystal-clear water, learning...