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5 Must-See Sights in Innsbruck, Austria

A view over Innsbruck, Austria from atop the Innsbruck City Tower On a recent vacation in Austria, my family had the unforgettable pleasure of staying in Innsbruck, host to two Olympic Winter Games. A winning combination of picturesque mountain views, quaint streets lined with popular cafes, and historical influence, Innsbruck is surrounded by dramatic, high mountains that are verdantly green in the mild summer months, and cloaked in rich coats of powdery, white snow during the winter. It is impossible not to be moved by the breathtaking sight of medieval and Baroque buildings rising against a clear blue sky, with the majestic Alps framing your view in nearly every direction. Based on our two full days exploring this gem of a city, below I’ve compiled my list of 5 must-see sights in Innsbruck, Austria. Things to Note: Before we dive into the details of Innsbruck sights, first a few notes. You will find that many people speak a bit of English in Innsbruck, which is very helpful in shops and restaurants. Begin a conversation with, “Guten tag. Sprechen Sie englisch?” (Pronunciation: GOO-ten talk. SHPRAY-hen zee AIN-glish?) to politely wish a person “good day,” and ask them if they speak English. Such niceties go a long way with many locals. Even during the summer, weather in Innsbruck can vary greatly. In warmer months, plan to dress in layers, and bring along a thin, waterproof jacket with a hood for surprise thunderstorms (I travel with this jacket made by Columbia: It’s stylish, works as an excellent windbreaker or raincoat, and packs quite small). While public transport in Innsbruck is well managed,...