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Why January Is a Great Time to Plan a Trip

Why January Is a Great Time to Plan a Trip

Historically, January is a great time to plan a trip. In fact, it’s typically the busiest month of the year for travel professionals. This is because families and friends get together over the holidays and discuss their travel dreams for the upcoming year.

Have you thought about your travel plans for the year yet?

I’m here to help you weed through your choices and save you hours of time researching on the Internet. If I haven’t been there myself, I know someone who has. Further, I have direct lines to people who can add value and extra amenities, thereby elevating your trip from something special to something truly extraordinary. We are trained to cut through the slick advertising and fake reviews so that your dream vacation doesn’t descend into a nightmare. After all, there is a good reason why the people in those commercials always look so relieved when they walk into a nice hotel room! Don’t leave something so important to chance.

January is a great time to plan a trip!

With my family on a dive trip in Cozumel in 2013

With my family on a dive trip in Cozumel in 2013.

It is proven that travel builds and strengthens family bonds in ways that nothing else can.

I can tell you first-hand that experiencing a foreign country with your children, whether they are adults or still in primary school, is worth more than any lessons they’ll glean from school. My son and I still reminisce about our amazing family ski vacations in Crested Butte, Colorado and scuba dive trips in Cozumel, Mexico that have made lasting memories. The most important thing is my child will remember those stories and hopefully share them with his own kids one day.

Early planning always means more diverse and desirable travel options.

If you’ve ever waited until a few months before to book an international trip, then you know how greatly this limits your options. You lose access to everything from the best seats on nonstop flights, to the most centrally-located accommodations in desirable cities. You will also find that the most appealing tour options begin to fill up, and activities in which you may like to participate—such as seeing Puccini’s La Bohème in the world-famous La Scala opera house—are sold out. January is an excellent time to make your plans concrete, so that you and your travel companions have access to the best flights and accommodations, and the most memorable experiences available.

For these reasons and more, January is a great time to plan a trip! If you’d like me to begin working on your travel plans this month, please contact me today by clicking here. Thank you for visiting my travel blog. You are appreciated more than you will ever know!

Jan Mauer
With professionalism and her consistent ability to curate exceptional travel experiences for her clients, Jan Mauer of Exciting Vacations has built her reputation as a Travel Agent who specializes in luxury. Jan has spent more than three decades as trusted advisor to those who require both opulence and exoticism during their world travels. Her expertise about international culture and 5-star getaways ensures that every travel adventure of which you partake is a bespoke experience fulfilling your unique requirements for both luxury and authenticity. Call Jan at (732) 613-8640 or email her here for one-on-one guidance from one of luxury travel's foremost experts.

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