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Indulge Your Passion for Culture with
Guided Small Group Tours

At Exciting Vacations, we have redefined the expectations of escorted group tours. Traditionally, they bring to mind hordes of older people shuffling in and out of motorcoaches and countries en masse: “See Europe in 7 days!”

Expertly Guided, Culturally Focused Small Group Tours

This couldn’t be further from the truth with today’s expertly guided, culturally focused small group tours. You can expect smaller (and younger) groups, more inclusions, leisurely paced itineraries, upscale hotels in desirable locations, and most importantly, a focus on quality not quantity.

VIP Access to Culture & History

An exclusive small-group escorted tour gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the art, music, and culture of the most exotic destinations. When you join a luxury small-group tour, you are actually receiving VIP access to the culture and history unique to that destination. Private guides share their illuminating expertise of the area and its inhabitants, allowing you to gain unrivaled knowledge and experience about different ways of life.

Travel in Security, Comfort, and Camaraderie


You’ll love the security, comfort, and camaraderie of touring in a group with like-minded travelers, guided by an expert. Maybe you want to explore your Irish heritage through the rolling green hills of the Emerald Isle. Or maybe you yearn for the classics and want to delve into the history of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. Maybe your fascination with English country gardens is fulfilled by a themed venture through the Cotswolds. Or you want to follow the path of the Incas in Peru and discover their spiritual rituals and rites.

Wherever you wish to roam and whatever interest you wish to stimulate, a guided small group tour is your exclusive access to gaining the fullest enrichment from your travel experience.

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As a Virtuoso affiliate, Exciting Vacations books exclusive escorted small group tours in Europe, South America, Australia, and Asia for travelers who desire the highest levels of personal service and fulfillment. Whether you are an individual looking to join a group with similar interests, or you are planning your own family or friend group tour, Exciting Vacations will help you make the expert choices. Contact Jan now to get started.

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