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Is a Tahiti Vacation Right for Me?

Is a Tahiti Vacation Right for Me?

Tahiti is a truly special place: Yes, it is an island paradise, but it is also a fascinating cultural enclave; a treasure-trove of some of the most resplendent dive-sites that beckon even the world’s most seasoned divers; an escape from the hectic pace of everyday life.

More than 30 years in the travel industry have made it clear to me that a given destination is not the right match for EVERY traveler. Each location has its own character that, when coupled with a particular visitor, can either make or break a vacation experience. This is why it is so crucial for me to learn about my clients’ personalities and travel preferences BEFORE we begin planning their dream holidays.

If you’re considering a Tahiti get-away, then before you commit, ask yourself, “Is a Tahiti vacation right for me?” OR if you’d be better off visiting a different destination.

1) Which statement best describes you?

A) I dream of waking early in the morning with a full schedule of daily sightseeing all the iconic architecture in some of the world’s most famous cities such as Rome, London or Madrid.

B) I prefer to visit locations that are off the beaten path with incredible, stunning, natural beauty and interesting culture.

A couple snorkeling in the pristine waters of a Tahitian island.

A couple snorkeling in the pristine waters of a Tahitian island.

2) If you close your eyes to picture your dream vacation, which of the following descriptions most closely matches what you see?

A) I picture myself filling every moment of my hard-earned vacation visiting the attractions of famous cities round the globe.

B) I imagine myself snorkeling in crystal-clear water, learning about the local culture through dance and music festivals, and cruising between tiny islands on a private yacht.

3) When it comes to taking a much-deserved vacation, how do you typically approach the planning phase?

A) I love spending hours of my precious time searching the internet for the ‘big’ deal.

B) I view vacations as an opportunity to expand my horizons while being pampered, and prefer to work with an expert who will take care of me. Life is hectic and stressful, and I believe that true luxury is worth the extra cost.

If you primarily selected “A” answers, then perhaps Tahiti is not the ideal destination for you at this time. That doesn’t mean you should forego your vacation – it just means that you haven’t yet identified your dream getaway. However, I GUARANTEE that there’s a perfect destination for you, and if you’d like help narrowing down your options, I’d love to provide you with my 30-plus years of guidance. Creating your dream vacation is my passion!

If your answers were mostly “Bs,” then I think Tahiti may be the right vacation for you! In fact, a trip to Tahiti may very well leave you wanting to go back again and again…as has been the case for me. Even after exploring dozens of other incredible destinations around the world, I have been back to Tahiti six times, and am already planning my next visit!

If you’d like more information about the islands from a Tahiti Specialist, then I’d love to speak with you. You can call me at (732) 613-8640, or contact me here. Wishing you and yours a truly PERFECT vacation to the destination of your dreams!

Jan Mauer
With professionalism and her consistent ability to curate exceptional travel experiences for her clients, Jan Mauer of Exciting Vacations has built her reputation as a Travel Agent who specializes in luxury. Jan has spent more than three decades as trusted advisor to those who require both opulence and exoticism during their world travels. Her expertise about international culture and 5-star getaways ensures that every travel adventure of which you partake is a bespoke experience fulfilling your unique requirements for both luxury and authenticity. Call Jan at (732) 613-8640 or email her here for one-on-one guidance from one of luxury travel's foremost experts.

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