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Exciting Vacations is ready to help you explore the South Pacific. If French Polynesia is your draw, we’re Tahiti Experts, so click here to let us plan your bon voyage. The South Pacific also has a tremendous offering outside of French Polynesia, and we can help you discover the many flavors and inspirations among the destinations of the Southern Hemisphere.

The Pacific or Oceanic region, which encompasses the Australian continent and thousands of South Pacific islands, is an enticing mélange of geography, culture and stunning beauty that gives new meaning to the term “getaway.” Dotted across our planet’s largest ocean, you are spoilt for choice when selecting your destination, opting for seclusion, adventure, culture, nature, cuisine, romance, group excursions or a combination of them all!


G’day to the land down under!

Australia is not only the sixth-largest country in the world, it’s a vast continent in and of itself. From the beckoning shores embraced by awe-inspiring reefs to the folkloric Outback to hip cities thriving with culture and nightlife to world-famous vineyards, your Australian vacation will be an adventure of a lifetime.


The Australian Experience

Koala sighting along the Great Ocean Road

Wine and cheese tasting in the Yarra Valley

Scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest reef

Exploring Ayers Rock, known as Uluru to the Australian Aboriginals


Bula! Dive into Fiji’s beauty.

Fiji is a top destination for eco-tourism and it’s easy to see why. Famous for its soft coral diving, pristine white sand beaches and thriving jungles, this natural paradise is the perfect spot for eco-friendly couples to become one with nature. Treks alongside lushly lined rivers, a quiet picnic up in the hills or a couple’s massage on a secluded beach… whatever your choice, the beauty of these islands and the warmth of its people provide the perfect backdrop to your exotic getaway.


The Fijian Experience

A stunning view of Fiji’s
turquoise waters

Discover a hidden waterfall amidst the palms

The vibrant collared lory, known in Fiji as Kula

Kick off your shoes on Fiji’s pristine white sand beaches

Fiji Resort Highlight – Taveuni Island Resort & Spa


Photo courtesy of Taveuni Island Resort & Spa


Taveuni Island Resort & Spa is the jewel of the Pacific. Spectacular, romantic, elegant, private and luxurious, there is accommodation for only 12 privileged couples. An elegant, secluded private retreat, it was purposefully designed to be in harmony with nature and to blend in with the exotic tropical gardens. The villas and their amenities ensure couples enjoy privacy and incredible views from their canopied bed and shower and stunning sunsets from their deck.

New Zealand

Kia Ora! Welcome to Nature’s Paradise.

Noted for the best hiking (or tramping as locals call it) in the world, New Zealand is an awe-inspiring land of geographical wonders. From volcanic peaks to towering waterfalls flowing into verdant valleys and underground caves, you will experience some of the most stunning vistas on earth during your vacation to these islands southeast of Australia. The scenery is so diverse and beautiful many movies are filmed on location here, such as the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit series.


The New Zealand Experience

The McLean Falls on the Tautuku River in Catlins Forest Park

Panorama of Queenstown from the top of Bob’s Peak

Powdery snow and beautiful views for snowboarders and skiers alike

Humpback whale breaching off the coast of New Zealand

Cook Islands

Kia Orana! Welcome to the South Pacific’s
best-kept secret.

If you’ve been dreaming of the quintessential South Pacific island getaway, look no further than this group of 15 islands located northeast of New Zealand. Secluded bone-white beaches and lush jungle foliage give rise to craggy volcanic peaks, painting a postcard setting for the most romantic interludes. A thousand years of Polynesian culture welcomes you to this quiet paradise where couples can begin or rekindle their passions in a land where time stands still.


Cook Islands Resort Highlight – Little Polynesia Resort Rarotonga



Little Polynesian Resort Rarotonga is the Leading Boutique Hotel of the Cook Islands, and it has been designed in every way to take advantage of its natural resources. The Ares (bungalows) are built right into the natural setting of palm trees and tropical foliage. Your veranda will open to a view of strikingly clear turquoise waters and lulling waves, all perfectly framed by the lush green of palms overhead. A marine-protected lagoon teems with an abundant variety of colorful fish while a mild reef-break a few hundred meters out provides a constant hypnotic delight for your senses.

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