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Adventure Vacation in Fiji

If you’re looking for unique culture and beautiful landscapes, Fiji should be at the top of your list. The island offers a union of tropical ingredients and traditional cuisine. Local restaurants prepare ripe coconuts and fresh fish with rice, taro, sweet potatoes and lucious cassava and breadfruit to create a range of culinary tastes equaled nowhere in the world. After indulging in unique local delicacies, make sure to explore the water culture that makes Fiji such a unique and alluring destination. Scuba diving in Fiji – with its crystal clear water, colorful mahi-mahi fish, and knowledgeable guides – is second to none. Fiji’s underwater sights are matched only by its above-water beauty. Ferries routinely travel among the beautiful islands, adding constant variation to what is already an interest-packed vacation. Fiji offers unique and wonderful opportunities for those looking for an adventure vacation. Imagine ziplining from treetop to treetop through Fiji’s expansive and preserved rainforests. Speeding at full force, you can experience the lush growth, the tropical flora and the unique climate of one of the world’s last thriving rainforests. A Fiji vacation is also an excellent value, with resort packages that mix bungalow accommodations with exotic food and opportunities for adventure. Contact me for more information on how to make your Fiji dreams a...