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Why I Love Paris, France

Have you ever visited a city and felt so comfortable there you wished you lived there? That’s how I feel about Paris, France. As a young adult, I lived in Avignon in Provence, France for several months and spent many week-ends visiting Paris. Every trip to Paris was like visiting an old friend. Since I speak French – enough to get by – I find the people and ambiance of Paris exhilarating! Each person I meet there has a clear purpose. They savor every morsel of food they eat. They cherish every sip of wine they taste. Their love of fashion is engrained in the French. It is not uncommon for men and women to be dressed to the nines simply walking to the boulangerie to purchase their daily baguette. Most French men and women are very mindful of Parisian fashion! I love this city so much that I visit as often as I am able! My most recent trip was a long week-end in early December, 2010. It was just as beautiful then as it was the last time I visited with all the bright holiday lights and decorations, the crisp, cool weather with the smell of chestnuts roasting in the air. Paris is the capital and largest city in France and many think it is one of the most influential cities in Europe. With many attractions, museums and art galleries with beautiful parks and magnificent gardens, Paris offers so much to see and do year round. The architecture is incredible. The scenery is beautiful. The food is phenomenal! Paris emits an air of romance! It is one...