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Four Reasons Luxury Travelers Are Choosing River Cruises

One of my clients recently told me how much she yearned to experience her next international trip aboard an ocean liner. She’d shared this idea with her husband, and he immediately scoffed at it, saying that he didn’t intend to spend his downtime with a hoard of partyers, sleeping in a pint-sized room on an enormous ship, while simultaneously attempting to combat seasickness. My client wanted me to give her ideas that she could slip into her husband’s ear about the luxury rooms, breathtaking views, and unique itineraries that only an ocean cruise could offer. What I told her instead was that I might have a better solution, one that could appeal both to her desire to cruise in an opulent setting, and his stipulations for a more discerning group of fellow travelers, spacious accommodations, and—perhaps most importantly for her husband—the complete absence of motion sickness. What I suggested was a luxury river cruise. I described my go-to selection of hand-picked cruise lines, which offer signature river cruises as a unique and relaxing way to experience the world. I asked her to imagine gently cruising along the Rhone or Yangtze River in their luxurious floating hotel, sailing past castles and ancient ruins. Just as I’d hoped, this caught her fancy. If it appeals to the culture-loving luxury-seeker in you, too, here are four more reasons to choose a river cruise for your upcoming vacation: Photo courtesy of AmaWaterways ONE) River cruise ships are smaller and more private than ocean liners, so they offer highly personalized service and amenities, with intimate dining and entertainment options, along with spacious staterooms and...