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They missed their flights, but saved their $20K honeymoon. Here’s how they did it.

This couple missed their flights – but not all was lost. Like a lot of dramatic stories, this one starts with a couple in love. They’d just gotten hitched and were set to depart the next morning on their dream honeymoon to Bali. With their travel agent, a colleague of mine, they had planned for six months to make sure this was the trip of a lifetime. A stunning blue lagoon in Bali. For these honeymooning clients, she had booked ten incredible nights divided between the beach and a culturally-rich main city, complete with a private driver, 5-star resorts, VIP access to special honeymoon perks, and exciting excursions. For the honeymooners, this was not only a dream trip that represented a ton of planning time; it also was a significant financial investment for which they had worked and saved for months. Imagine their agent’s shock when she got a call on the morning of their departure: they’d uncharacteristically overslept and missed their flights to Indonesia. People think that the perks of hiring a travel agent begin and end with the planning, but that’s not true at all. The real benefit of hiring an agent is something you discover when an emergency arises and you’ve got to figure out what the heck to do. This travel agent saved the day! Their travel agent immediately moved into action. Here’s what she did: 1. She re-booked them on different flights that would get them to Indonesia as soon as possible without costing them another small fortune. Instead of paying $6,000 for new flights on the same carriers and through the same destination,...