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Enjoying the Mozart Dinner Concert in Salzburg, Austria

The Mozart Dinner Concert in Salzburg is a captivating – and delicious – occasion. Photo credit: Ever since watching the Academy Award-winning movie, Amadeus, I have been fascinated by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The film shines with Mozart’s brilliant music, and tells the sometimes humorous, sometimes sordid, and, in the end, tragic tale of the composer’s too-brief life. So when my husband and I visited Salzburg, Austria, the birthplace and part-time residence of Mozart, I wanted to see all of the sites that could lay claim to a piece of Mozart’s history. First, we toured Mozart’s childhood home, where he was born in 1756. Next, we visited the residence on Makartplatz where the Mozart family lived after outgrowing their previous home. Here we saw the original pianoforte on which Mozart played during some of his concerts in Vienna. Dinner and Mozart Concert in Salzburg, Austria My absolute favorite experience in Salzburg, however, was the Mozart Dinner Concert that we attended. I had heard rave reviews about the concert, which features songs from some of Mozart’s most famous operas. In addition to music, the event includes a three-course meal based on 18th-century recipes, and it all takes place amidst candlelight in an authentic Baroque Hall. It sounded too good to miss! The Mozart Dinner Concert was scheduled to begin at 7:30pm, but we were told to arrive an hour early for the best seats. At 6:30 that evening, a formally-dressed maître d’ who spoke perfect English invited us into the Baroque Hall, and we were led to our front-row table. The Baroque Hall of St. Peter The Baroque Hall of...