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Rustic Family Dining at a Working Farm in Tuscany

A view over Il Vecchio Maneggio, a working farm in Tuscany. Photo credit: The word “Tuscany” conjures a serene world of rolling, cypress-lined hills, fecund grapevines, and golden sunlight. It signifies an escape from modernity, back to a simpler time of peaceful afternoons on a quiet terrace with a good book, and plentiful wine. In short, to many of us, Tuscany is a place of magic. Tuscan Agriturismos In recent years, one of the most exciting developments in Tuscany has been the proliferation of agriturismos. These working farmhouses offer visitors the unique opportunity to escape into the allure of quintessential Tuscan life with a traditional family dining experience, or to sleep in luxurious accommodations on their farms. During our last visit to Tuscany, my husband and I stayed near the famous medieval hill town of San Gimignano. We read excellent reviews about a nearby agriturismo called Il Vecchio Maneggio, and decided to reserve two spots for dinner. The medieval towers of San Gimignano Il Vecchio Maneggio – The Old Riding School When we arrived a little before 8pm on the night of our dinner, I was pleased to see that we would be eating in the garden, with a stunning view of San Gimignano’s ancient towers in the distance. Tiziana, the big-hearted matron of the farm, greeted us warmly. She met us in her apron, inviting us to explore the farm grounds while she finalized dinner preparations. Her friendly, gregarious manner immediately made my husband and I feel at ease, as though we were enjoying an evening with family in a picturesque pastoral setting. A view of San...