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7 Things NOT to Do in Paris

So you are finally going to Paris and fulfilling a life-long dream. I bet you have people coming out of the woodwork giving you advice on things to do there: “See the Mona Lisa;” “attend Sunday services at Notre Dame;” “be sure to take a Seine River sightseeing cruise.” The list can go on and on! So I am not going to bore you with more suggestions… I am going to give you my top 7 things NOT to do in Paris. Because, while a holiday in Paris is always worthwhile, there are lots of ways to waste your time and money while there. So I hope you enjoy, and take my suggestions to heart. They come from my own experience and the experiences of many clients I have sent to Paris over the years. Lines to the Eiffel Tower can be up to two hours long – don’t wait in line 1. Don’t wait in line at the Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower is not one of the world’s most visited monuments for nothing. However, waiting in long lines is not the ideal way to spend precious vacation time – and you don’t have to. Active visitors can walk the 328 steps to the tower’s first level and take the lift from there. Quite honestly, the view above the first level is not very good. Since Paris is so flat, if you go any higher, you are basically looking at the rooftops instead of the buildings. You can also easily go online to the Eiffel Tower website (click here to open the site in a new tab) and...