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Luxury Vacations to Paris

Of all the phenomenal places I have traveled, Paris, France may be my favorite. Since living in Avignon, I have been to Paris more than a dozen times; the more I visit, the more it feels like home, and every luxury vacation package to Paris that I plan feels like a reunion!

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With each photo I take of Tahiti in French Polynesia, I fall more in love with the landscape. No matter how many times I’ve traveled myself, I still feel drawn to the South Pacific.

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Awesome Ski Trip to Davos, Switzerland

If you live in the northeast U.S. like I do you definitely experience four distinct seasons. Each season has pros and cons, but people around here seem to complain mostly about winter. It’s cold, it can be dreary (if you let it) and that pretty white stuff can cause havoc when driving. I say the best way to get through winter is to get moving!

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Why I Love Paris, France

Have you ever visited a city and felt so comfortable there you wished you lived there? That’s how I feel about Paris, France. As a young adult, I lived in Avignon in Provence, France for several months and spent many week-ends visiting Paris.

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