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Five Items You Can’t Forget to Pack

Five Items You Can’t Forget to Pack

Adding these five items to your usual packing list could save you time, money and headaches on your next vacation.
Toothbrush, bathing suit, camera, and beach reading have all been stowed in your luggage. But did you remember the duct tape? That’s right: Duct tape can save you a world of hassle on your next trip. Take a minute to review these five items you can’t forget to pack.

Duct Tape Saves the Day

Bring along a small roll of duct tape. It takes very little space, but can serve many purposes for travelers. Use it to patch a hole in your shoes, windbreaker, or your favorite beach bag. Traveling with a baby or toddler? Baby-proof your hotel room by taping drawers shut and covering outlets. Use it to hem a pair of pants and turn them into capris. You can even use duct tape as a bandage by placing it over a cut in an emergency.

USB Battery Charger for Your Phone and Tablet

One of the most crucial items you can pack is a USB battery charger with a short USB cord. Again, it takes very little space, but could mean the difference between getting lost somewhere with a dead phone and no GPS, or pulling up an email with your hotel’s address, phone number and directions. I use my smartphone regularly for photos, maps, texting, and calls when traveling, so I always keep a charged USB battery pack in my purse or backpack to help out when my battery dies. Use it in the car, on a bus, while waiting at the airport, or even on a secluded beach. You can find many great options for USB battery packs on Amazon for $15 or less.

Put a Pin in It

Safety pins, like duct tape, can serve many purposes. When you lose a button on your shirt or pants, you know how useful these tiny safety pins can be for holding your clothing together. Also consider using a safety pin to bundle small items such as keys and jewelry. Clip a safety pin on the inner hem of a satin jacket’s lining or a slip to fight static cling. Use safety pins to connect easily-misplaced items like mittens to the zipper of your child’s jacket.

Squares of Flannel or Chamois Keep Things Tidy

Bring along a few squares of flannel, chamois, or other absorbent fabric in various sizes. Store them in a Ziploc bag (along with a few extra Ziplocs – you never know when you’ll need them!). These fabrics dry off quickly, and can be used for cleaning glasses and sunglasses, mopping up small spills in the car, and freshening up a bit at rest stops. Bring along a few long strips of fabric for tying hair out of your face, or even dampen the strips with cool water, then tie them around your head to cool you down and keep sweat out of your eyes on hot days. A larger cut of fabric also makes an excellent travel towel: It can squeeze into a small space, then, once wet, quickly dries off again.

Contact Details for Your Trusty Travel Agent

Every once in a while, you may encounter some difficulties while you’re traveling. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I am here for you 24 hours a day to help resolve sticky situations. Lost luggage, medical emergencies, lost directions, or even misplaced travel documents can create a large bump in the road during your otherwise relaxing vacation. Before you travel, create a list of “favorites” in your phone with all of your trip-related contact details: My phone number (732-613-8640) and email address (, as well as details for your hotel, car rental, and any other reservations. This way, I am always only a call or email away if you need a helping hand.


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With professionalism and her consistent ability to curate exceptional travel experiences for her clients, Jan Mauer of Exciting Vacations has built her reputation as a Travel Agent who specializes in luxury. Jan has spent more than three decades as trusted advisor to those who require both opulence and exoticism during their world travels. Her expertise about international culture and 5-star getaways ensures that every travel adventure of which you partake is a bespoke experience fulfilling your unique requirements for both luxury and authenticity. Call Jan at (732) 613-8640 or email her here for one-on-one guidance from one of luxury travel's foremost experts.

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